I Almost Forgot About You

By: Terry McMillan

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This was my first Terry McMillan book and I was really excited about it. I love the characters and they are very well written. The female relationships in the book run the gamot. Georgia is in her fifties and bored with her life. She decides to sell her share of her optometry practice, her house and take a long train ride to who knows where. As part of her new life, she wants to look up all of her old loves and tell them what they meant to her.

She starts with her ex husbands and works her way out from there. This is where the story gets a little muddled. McMillan tries to bring in her daughters and her mom’s story and so you never really get too deep into any one aspect of the story. There are some great flashbacks to Georgia’s boyfriends and there is some lighthearted humor. There are some times where it seems a little more crass than it needs to be, almost like the author is trying to shock the readers.

A good light read, but didn’t really make me want to go and read more of McMillan’s books.

A big thank you to Blogging for Books for the chance to read and review this book.

New Orleans- Zurich Classic

April 28-30, 2017

This year for our golf trip, we went a little more low key and spent a long weekend in New Orleans for the newly reformatted Zurich Classic. We hadn’t been to New Orleans in a long time so it seemed like the perfect place for this year’s trip. We are saving up for next year’s trip which will coincide with our fifteenth wedding anniversary and Ashley’s 40th birthday, so we are headed to Waste Management and Pebble Beach.

We stayed well out of the French Quarter and down by the Convention Center. It was a little less noisy and everything was a walk or a quick Uber ride away. We flew in early friday and decided to visit City Park, since we had never spent much time there before. It is a great park, includes a children’s fairy tale area, an art museum, a botanical garden and lots of other fun things to do. We hit up the botanical garden which was a great choice. The weather wasn’t great so we only spent the morning in the park. We had beignets at Morning Call because I had seen an article that said these were better than the ones at Cafe du Monde, we did not find this to be the case, so the next day, we had Cafe du Monde for dinner!

We had a delicious dinner at SoBou and followed it up with some drinks and live music at the Carousel Bar and Lounge, which had an awesome Pimm’s cup.

Our day at the tournament was great! The weather was still iffy, but at least it wasn’t hot. The new team format for this event made it more interesting and is in fact why we chose this tournament for this year

Playing from the Tips for the Zurich Classic:

  1. The Zurich Classic always falls on the first weekend of Jazz Fest in New Orleans. While the two events are on opposite sides of the city, this does mean that flights and hotels will be more expensive. If you are a Jazz fan (this year’s event included Harry Connick, Jr and Stevie Wonder), or an outdoor music festival lover then this may be fortuitous for you.
  2. TPC Louisiana where the tournament is held is about 30 minutes across the river from the French Quarter area of New Orleans, so plan for a mode of transportation over there. The parking is in a remote lot with shuttles. We took an Uber, which cost about $30 each way, but it did take a while to get an Uber after the tournament was over. The Uber pick up is right where the parking shuttles let off.
  3. We had tickets for the Acme Oyster House tent and that was the way to go. The food was a little better in the club Tent but it was back from the 18th fairway and doesn’t have a good view of the golf. The Oyster House tickets were relatively afforable and included an entree, oysters on the half shell, a side and a dessert, along with four drink tickets.

We got back to the hotel at about 4 in the afternoon from the tournament, so we still have time for a night out. We decided on a carriage ghost tour of the French Quarter. We went to see parts of the city that I had never seen before and I always love a good ghost story. It is a fun way to hear some of the history of New Orleans.

The Sunshine Sisters

By: Jane Green

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The Sunshine Sisters are all the daughters of Ronni Sunshine, a used to be famous actress. The three daughters are as different as sisters can be. The book follows them through their life to the point where they have all been called back to their mother’s side and they don’t know why.

Nell, who went the shortest distance from their mother’s Connecticut home, is taking over an organic farm she inherited. Meredith, the stereotypical middle child, has run all the way to England to escape the criticism of her mother about her weight and her love life. Lizzy is the youngest and has always been the favorite. She is now a famous tv chef in New York City.

When they are brought back together by their mother, they discover that she is dying and wants them to get back together to support each other after she is gone. The Sunshine Sisters is a typical sisters who don’t like each other but need to come together story. But the writing is good and the characters are likable and fun. So this is totally good to add to this summer’s beach read list!

I received a digital galley of this book from First to Read in exchange for this honest review.


By: Doree Shafrir

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This book was a Book of the Month selection. If you would like to get a unique selection every month in your mailbox, click here.

When you have a Book of the Month Club membership, you get to pick one book from a selection of 5 or so that are on offer that month. For April, I chose Startup, because it seemed like the most interesting. It is a modern day novel, where all the main characters work at tech startup companies and are constantly on Twitter and Slack. It seemed like it would be an interesting story. Maybe I should have picked one of the other novels on offer last month.

There are four or five main characters in this book, it depends on how you look at it. They all work for one of three main startups, TechScene, TakeOff or StrollUp (which is actually now defunct, because really, who needs Uber for strollers.) All of them were shallow, stereotypes of what most people think of people who work in startups. Not one of them was likable, but the men were really bad. The story depends on sexual harassment, an issue that maybe should be given a little more respect than it gets in this book.

Overall, unless you really want to know more about millenials and their start ups and downfalls, leave this one on the shelf.

Own It: The Power of Women at Work

By: Sallie Krawcheck

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I have read a lot of women in the workplace books. A lot. Most of them I can just skim through because they pretty much say all of the same things, I didn’t even read the second half of Lean In. This one did have some of the same things, but in the whole, it really hit me where I am right now. So many good points that were relevant to the struggles women in college athletics deal with on a regular basis. Great insights on diversity committees, the necessity for sponsors and how to have courageous conversations that can lead to change.

This book also had investing advice for women and how to create financial power. This was a great read, although their are still parts I skimmed over. I feel like I have managed the work life balance really well, and I don’t have kids, so I usually skip the advice like “take your vacation” or “check policies on family leave when you apply for a job.”

I am going to recommend that we read this book in the women’s meetings we have at work.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this honest review.

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I Still Dream About You

By: Fannie Flagg

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This is one of those books that you have to take at face value to really enjoy it. If you know Fannie Flagg, she is all about great characters with big personalities and wonderfully interesting back stories. I Still Dream About You is no exception. The main character is really a small woman named Hazel, who overcame her small stature to form a successful real estate business in Birmingham, AL. But since Hazel has passed on, I guess the other main character is Maggie, a former Miss Alabama, who should have been Miss America, who worked for Hazel and is struggling with life after Hazel’s passing.

For much of the book, Maggie is planning her suicide, but that is put on hold while she tries to sell her favorite old Birmingham home. The addition of a mysterious skeleton found in the house’s attic creates a bit of mystery to the fun story of the quest for meaning after a large character such as Hazel leaves the lives of all who knew her.

It’s a fun quick read, not a huge mystery. But there is a happy ending and its a fun story.

Perfect Touch

By: Elizabeth Lowell

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Perfect Touch was exactly what you would expect from this genre. There was some “romance” (read a lot of tension and some steamy scenes) and there was a murder mystery to be solved. You can pretty easily figure out the bad guys and the motive, but the book was still an entertaining read. The heroine, Sara, is an art dealer, which makes for a pretty interesting read when she is talking about the paintings that are at the center of the book. It really makes you wish you could actually see the painting. The hero, Jay, is a strapping cowboy type who is stereotypical, but that works in the context of the story and the setting of Jackson, Wyoming.

It is a really beautiful place and it was interesting to read about the ranch and the paintings and the painter that Jay’s father supported. The one thing I didn’t like was that the author kept making really meager attempts to make us believe that Sara and Jay wouldn’t end up together. It just seemed kind of unnecessary.

Perfect Touch


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