Grocery Bag Produce Bag

Hello Knitting World. If you loved Grocery Bag Grocery bag you are going to love my newest pattern….Grocery Bag Produce Bag! In this fantastic sequel to Grocery Bag Grocery Bag, you will find the answer to your onion and potato storage needs. Grocery Bag Produce Bag hangs inside your pantry and has plenty of ventilation to keep your produce clean and dry and ready to use. Can be used for onions, garlic, potatoes or beets, basically anything that likes to stay cool, dry and dark!

My first design of my return to designing, it is, as most of the designs I make are, born out of necessity. I was tired of throwing away potatoes and onions because I had nowhere to store them properly. In the houses here in the Northeast you have to be a little more creative on storage! So this is the answer!

Try it out, order the pattern online for only $1, click below:
Pattern on Craftsy
Pattern on Ravelry

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