Two Years in St. Andrews: At Home on the 18th Hole

By: George Peper

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This book was recommended to me after I announced that I want to retire to St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Essentially, that is what George and his wife, decided to do. A longtime golf writer, George already owned a small apartment that faced the 18th fairway on the famed Old Course. He rented it out to college students when they weren’t visiting.

They planned to live in the apartment for two years, renovate it and then make a tidy profit before returning to the United States. They packed up a few belongings and their dog and headed across the pond. The best bit of information that I got from the book was that you no longer have to have pets quarantined when moving to Great Britain! It takes a while to get them through customs though.

If you have been to St. Andrews, you will know most of the time it is a seaside college town, home to the oldest university in Scotland. Then, every few years, it becomes the center of the golf universe. Naturally for a book about St. Andrews, there is a lot of golf in this book. I even skipped over some of the more detailed descriptions of rounds played by the author. But this book is not just for the golfers. It’s also for anyone who has dreamed about leaving it all behind for a nice, peaceful village on the coast.

I am a little bit biased, having been to St. Andrews twice, it is one of my favorite places in the world and has a lot of special meaning for me. So, this may not be the book for everyone, but I enjoyed the real life characters we meet in the book and a look inside the real life place that is almost mystical to American golf fans.

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  1. James Powell says:

    Glad you enjoyed the book. Definitely a lot of benefits to being a ‘local’ in St Andrews. As for me, the long dark cold nights of winter would be a bit much! A wonderful place to visit however. Dad

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