Tradd Street Series- Part 2

The Guests of South Battery

By: Karen White

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The latest in the story of Melanie Middleton, erstwhile psychic and new mom to twins has her running around, busy as ever, between the historic houses that she and her family live in as well as the ones she sells as Charleston’s premier historic home seller.

In this latest saga, Melanie has just gone back to work after giving birth to twins and getting married. She gets a new customer, a mysterious woman named Jayne who, despite the fact that she was an orphan, has inherited a large, old house on South Battery. While Melanie tries to assist with the renovations, she also hires Jayne to be her children’s nanny.

The house on South Battery is full of lots of the things Melanie dislikes, massive repair jobs, one creepy doll and plenty of the spirits that only she and the other women in her family can see and hear. In this one there is even a cat.

Melanie’s husband, Jack, is a mystery writer and get interested in the story of the why the spirits are still there and what the connection is between Jayne and the family that lived there.

This is a classic Melanie Middleton book, lots of old Charleston families involved in mysterious scandals. I love trying to figure out the story and they usually connect to Melanie personally in the end, as she is also from an Old Charleston family.

The babies are a great addition to the series, JJ and Sarah seem like such fun babies. It seems Sarah has inherited the family “gift” and her personality is so cute. Karen does a great job writing the babies characters, making them integral in the story even though they are less than 1 year old.

This mystery was a little thinner than the rest of the series. It was a little easier to figure out what was going on with the ghosts and why they were still sticking around. I am hoping as the series goes on that Rebecca and Marc go away, bleh, and that people start to ease up on Melanie about being organized!

Overall, a great addition to the Tradd Street Series!

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