The Sunshine Sisters

By: Jane Green

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The Sunshine Sisters are all the daughters of Ronni Sunshine, a used to be famous actress. The three daughters are as different as sisters can be. The book follows them through their life to the point where they have all been called back to their mother’s side and they don’t know why.

Nell, who went the shortest distance from their mother’s Connecticut home, is taking over an organic farm she inherited. Meredith, the stereotypical middle child, has run all the way to England to escape the criticism of her mother about her weight and her love life. Lizzy is the youngest and has always been the favorite. She is now a famous tv chef in New York City.

When they are brought back together by their mother, they discover that she is dying and wants them to get back together to support each other after she is gone. The Sunshine Sisters is a typical sisters who don’t like each other but need to come together story. But the writing is good and the characters are likable and fun. So this is totally good to add to this summer’s beach read list!

I received a digital galley of this book from First to Read in exchange for this honest review.

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