The Night the Lights Went Out

By: Karen White

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After attending the Karen White weekend in Charleston (see more here), and rereading the Tradd Street Series, I was really excited for this new Karen White book that was a departure from Melanie and her Charleston home. In The Night the Lights Went Out, we are in a suburb of Atlanta with Merilee, her kids and her landlord Sugar.

Maybe it is just because I also live in a suburb of Atlanta, but I recognized everyone in this book. As with her other novels, Karen write characters that are so real, you could swear they live next door to you. Sugar could be your grandmother and Heather (super class mom) is exactly like the mom who brought each kid a first day present! And someone is spilling everyone’s secrets in an anonymous blog!

Merilee has found herself divorced with her two kids living in a small cottage she is renting from the 90-something Sugar. The two become reluctant friends as they both sense they share a past filled with sadness. Throughout the book, we get glimpses into Sugar’s past but Merilee’s remains hidden until her desire to fit in with the moms at school gets her in hot water.

While the mystery of who is trying to ruin Merilee’s life is not that mysterious, it was a great summer read and if it’s not in your beach bag, it ought to be!

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