The Hideaway

By: Lauren K. Denton

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Why is it that the main characters in all of our favorite Southern Chick Lit books always own a fabulous shop? That is certainly the case with Sara in The Hideaway. She is an orphan who grew up in a small town, Sweet Bay, on the coast of Alabama, but now has a thriving shop in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Her busy, bohemian life in New Orleans comes to a quick halt when her grandmother passes and leaves her the house she lived in and ran as a B&B that had come to house some long term residents. In the will, her grandmother has asked her to renovate the house and then do what she thinks is best with it. Sara returns to Sweet Bay, the Hideaway and its occupants and the handsome contractor (who, of course, becomes the love interest) and finds that she likes the slower life.

The characters are really what I like about this book. They are so well written and they seem to contrast to each other so well. Sweet Bay seems like the kind of small town we all wish we could live in.

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