The Grantchester Mysteries

By: James Runcie

The Grantchester Mysteries is the series of books by James Runcie that the Masterpiece tv series “Grantchester” is based on. You may or may not have watched Grantchester. If you haven’t, you definitely need to check it out. For one thing, James Norton is the best looking vicar you will ever see. They are all wonderful actors and the mysteries are fun to watch the guys solve. The series, however, doesn’t follow the books very closely, it is basically just the same settings, types of stories and characters. The show is much more romanticized.

In each novel, Sidney, who can’t help but assist his best friend, detective Geordie Keating, with any mysteries that pop in their small English college town. There are several mysteries in each book, but they all follow alongside Sidney’s personal life, most notably his love life. And here is the one difference between the books and the show that I don’t like. In the book Sidney ends up with someone that you never really believe he loves.

The characters in the Grantchester series are so wonderfully written and that is what makes it such a great tv series. There is Sidney and Geordie and their wonderful friendship. Sidney’s long time love who he can’t have because marrying a vicar would be beneath her, Amanda. One of the best is Mrs. Maguire, who keeps house for Sidney and is famous for saying “What the Dickens?” All of these, plus other family, friends and parishioners, just make these books a place you wish you could move into, even with all of the crime that seems to take place there.

Throw all five Granchester Series in your bag for your summer vacation. and then sit down and binge on the show!

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