Ten Beach Road

By: Wendy Wax

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Ten Beach Road, in the line of Mary Kay Andrews or Jane Green, is true Beach Trash. And I mean that in a good way. Nothing is better for the heat and laziness of the south in the summer than some good Beach Trash.

Madeline, Avery and Nikki are complete strangers who all just found out that all they have left of their savings is a third ownership of a mansion on the Florida coast. Having all been duped in a Ponzi scheme, they decide they have no choice but to renovate the house in order to be able to sell it.

The three main characters (later joined by Maddie’s pregnant daughter) are so well written and so different that you will certainly feel a connection to at least one of them. The way they each have their own contribution to the renovation is really neat.

Ten Beach Road should come with a warning, though. It will make you think that you could just go out an renovate a lovely old house! So slip it in your beach bag, but don’t stop on the way back and buy a run down beach house!

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