Still Here

By: Lara Vapnyar

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Still Here is the story of a group of Russian immigrants all living in New York city. Vica and Sergey have come up with the idea for an app that will let you virtual voice continue after you die. After pitching the idea to their friend, Regina’s husband, the app breaks up their marriage. While their friends are also in search of what they should do with their new lives in America. Regina takes a trip to Russia to visit her mother’s grave and Vadik is contemplating a job and location change.

And that is pretty much it, that is the whole story. I kind of enjoyed parts of the narrative of this book, but I got to the end and I was just like, ok, that was a waste of time. There was nothing remotely interesting about these people’s lives. It was almost as if the author kind of gave up after a while and just ended the stories and stopped writing.

This one belongs back on the shelf.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this honest review.

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