Same Beach, Next Year

By: Dorothea Benton Frank

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I always love it when Dottie Frank’s latest book comes out. They are usually perfect for the summer time, always great for reading on the beach or the porch with a nice fruity cocktail. Same Beach, Next Year has that same summertime, beach read feel to it. The settings were great as always, and I liked that one of the main characters was actually a northerner transplanted to the south.

Two couples, Eve and Carl and Adam and Eliza chance upon each other at neighboring beach houses one summer and decide to make it a tradition. Adam and Eve, we find out, were high school sweethearts and still seem to hold a flame for each other. This complicates the relationships of all four of them. Eliza escapes to her ancestral home in Greece when the attraction between Adam and Eve seems to be too much.

The story is about as deep as you would expect from a beach read for the summer, but I found these characters a little less likable than usual in a Frank novel. They were just all kind of dense, you kind of wanted to shake them. But there were also, in some instances real enough to relate to.

Not my favorite Frank summer read, but still worthy of your beach bag.

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