I Still Dream About You

By: Fannie Flagg

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This is one of those books that you have to take at face value to really enjoy it. If you know Fannie Flagg, she is all about great characters with big personalities and wonderfully interesting back stories. I Still Dream About You is no exception. The main character is really a small woman named Hazel, who overcame her small stature to form a successful real estate business in Birmingham, AL. But since Hazel has passed on, I guess the other main character is Maggie, a former Miss Alabama, who should have been Miss America, who worked for Hazel and is struggling with life after Hazel’s passing.

For much of the book, Maggie is planning her suicide, but that is put on hold while she tries to sell her favorite old Birmingham home. The addition of a mysterious skeleton found in the house’s attic creates a bit of mystery to the fun story of the quest for meaning after a large character such as Hazel leaves the lives of all who knew her.

It’s a fun quick read, not a huge mystery. But there is a happy ending and its a fun story.

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