I Almost Forgot About You

By: Terry McMillan

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This was my first Terry McMillan book and I was really excited about it. I love the characters and they are very well written. The female relationships in the book run the gamot. Georgia is in her fifties and bored with her life. She decides to sell her share of her optometry practice, her house and take a long train ride to who knows where. As part of her new life, she wants to look up all of her old loves and tell them what they meant to her.

She starts with her ex husbands and works her way out from there. This is where the story gets a little muddled. McMillan tries to bring in her daughters and her mom’s story and so you never really get too deep into any one aspect of the story. There are some great flashbacks to Georgia’s boyfriends and there is some lighthearted humor. There are some times where it seems a little more crass than it needs to be, almost like the author is trying to shock the readers.

A good light read, but didn’t really make me want to go and read more of McMillan’s books.

A big thank you to Blogging for Books for the chance to read and review this book.

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