Flight Patterns

By: Karen White (click here to go to author’s website)

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I loved the story and as always with Karen White, the writing was beautiful. It was just like visiting New Orleans and Apalachicola, you could taste the oysters. Karen White has a way of taking all of her readers to the location she is writing about and making them understand the atmosphere behind the story.

The main characters of the two sisters were a little off for me. I didn’t really get that Georgia being promiscuous as a teenager had anything to do with the story. And Maisy just seemed a little more mean to her sister that was called for. But the undercurrent of sisterhood underneath it all was really sweet in its own way.

I loved the bees being central to story and yet on the periphery all the time. The prologue gives you a clue to what is going to happen at the end of the story, but there are still plenty of twists and turns. While the story drug a tad in places, it was one of those books you hate to put down even when you are struggling to keep your eyes open.


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