All The Single Ladies

By: Dorothea Benton Frank (Click here to go to author’s website)

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I am a huge Frank fan and this was one of my favorite books she has written. I always love that they are set in Charleston and I can read about some familiar places, smells and tastes. One thing Frank has started doing recently is auctioning off character names in her books and it is fun to read about it in the back. She will name a character after people who donate to her chosen charities. In All The Single Ladies, Frank tells the story of three single women, Suzanne, Carrie and Lisa, who are brought together through the death of a friend from cancer.

On their quest to car for Suzanne’s aging grandmother and solve the mystery of the furniture that belonged to their deceased friend, all three find love and a second family. It’s a happy story, with few bumps along the way, but there is nothing heavy about it. Like most of Frank’s books, this one is perfect for a summer read to feel like you are on vacation even if you aren’t.


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