A Fine Imitation

By: Amber Brock (visit author’s web page here)

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Vera has spent her whole like doing what she “has to” according to her mother, her husband and society. Her story is told in alternating chapters, one from when she was a senior at Vassar and one years later as an adult in New York. The adult years are set in the building that Vera’s husband built and in which she lives in the penthouse. The cast of characters in the building are a wonderful bunch and they seem to have a tea or a dinner party every day. I loved reading about the party where the overworked maid poorly cooks all the food!

Vera’s college days center around her totally unsuitable best friend, Bea and all of the trouble that they get up to together. Their adventures end in a betrayal by Vera and they don’t speak after that, although they continue to run into each other in New York.

A wonderfully written story, you come to care about Vera and whether or not she can make the decisions that will lead her out of her society life and into a new adventure. A great period read and goes by quickly.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this honest review.


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