Facing Forty

In less than a month, I will be turning the big 4-0 and I have decided to embrace it!

Looking back over 40 years, it has sure been a wild ride. I tallied it up, along the way, I have lived in 17 different dwellings, one of them four times (thanks, mom and dad). All the way from the little house out on CR149 in Oxford, where Martha and I decorated with Wal Mart’s finest to the 200 year old house with the creepy basement in Providence, RI. They have all held a special place and been representative of parts of our lives.

I have a wonderful family that has only been added on to over the years, a great husband, fabulous friends in all parts of the country and, of course, the two best dogs in the world, Jazzy and Zaela. Outside of having lived in so many places over the years, I have also had many opportunities to travel. Driving in a van all the way to Canada and California, in a church bus to Mt. Rushmore and Mexico, and seeing Scotland, Italy and Quebec City. And even last year getting to cross something off my bucket list- all four majors in one year (read all about them here)

Looking ahead from here; I want to do things for others, to make a difference. I guess it is natural as you hit “middle age” to want to start working on a legacy. To start, instead of presents (and I really mean it), I want to make a difference-making donation to the Atlanta Humane Society. I have been volunteering there and they really do all that they can to save the lives of pets and the people that adopt them. Below, is the link to my GoFundMe campaign. I have a goal of $1000 by my birthday on the 3rd. No pressure to make a monetary donation, here is a wish list. Many of these items are things you already have at your house- plastic bags, toilet paper tubes, old towels, etc. You can bring send them to me or directly to the humane society. I appreciate every bit of it!

Go Fund Me campaign

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