What to Wear…US Open #4majors15

We are one week out from leaving for the Seattle area for the US Open at Chambers Bay. Tomorrow they will release the pairings for the first and second rounds so we will be able to plan who we want to watch when we get there.

In the meantime, I am planning my wardrobe so I can start getting packed. Being this close to leaving, we can pick up the weather on the 10 day forecast. It looks like it is going to be partly cloudy with highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 50s. (So pumped about that, as it is already deep into the hot, steamy summer here in Georgia).

What to wear to the US Open, Part II of #4majors15? I have laid it out.

On the plane, for a cross country flight, comfort is key. Drawstring linen pants and a blousy short sleeve sweater. Easy on and off Toms for getting through security.


Out on the course. Up at 6 am to head from downtown Seattle to Chambers Bay (it says a little over an hour on google maps, I guess we will see). I think a skort is always a good idea for a whole day on the course. When I volunteer at tournaments, I always wear a khaki skort so I have several. I am not a polo wearer, but I think that will be my choice this time. A khaki skort and a white polo make for a good blank canvas so i can pick out any tournament hat that I want without worrying about clashing (which is a problem I had at the Masters, and had to buy two hats!)


And for Saturday, our one tourist day in Seattle, we will go with the standby jeans and t shirt. Can’t go wrong picking up your Starbucks (from the original Starbucks) in that.

Then finally, a fancy night out overlooking the water at Six Seven. For this I picked the super packable and wearable maxi dress.

night out

And it is Seattle, so for every occasion, I have layers and rain gear.

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