What to Wear…The Open Championship #4majors15

This was a more challenging planning and packing endeavor. The weather is always changing in Scotland, so it’s easy to say “Pack Layers!”. It’s just a little bit harder to put that into practice.

I am going with my same plane outfit, comfy pants and shoes are a must for a flight over the ocean.


The weather forecast for the next few days looks like this right now (it changes frequently!)
It is The Open Championship so there is supposed to be wind and rain, so I am preparing for it as best I can. Choosing jeans, a puffer vest and waterproof sneakers. You are allowed, in fact encouraged, to bring an umbrella, so I will toss a small one in the bag with my other supplies.

old course

After two days in St. Andrews, the home of golf, it’s on to Edinburgh for some tourist activities. However, you don’t want to look like a tourist everywhere you go, so choosing an outfit is tricky. We are headed to some afternoon tea, so a maxi skirt (classy and comfy) is in the works. Even if I have to wear it with some sneakers, I can dress the outfit up some jewelry and hide the sneakers under the skirt. Another thing that will be helpful is packing items that can go with multiple outfits, such as basic tees, a navy blazer and a gray cardigan.

Touring Edinburgh

I am sticking with a pink and shades of gray color pallette, so that I can mix and match if I change my mind.

These go in the bag today and tomorrow we are off on an adventure!!

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