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I want to start this post off by saying how thankful I am to have a job and a family that has allowed me to fulfill dreams like traveling to all four majors in a year. We are halfway through and it has already been remarkable. We can hardly wait for Scotland (see the countdown on the right) and Whistling Straits in August.

Now, here is the recap of the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay:

All set to take off. We have our bags with #4majors15 tags waiting to get on the plane. Every trip we make sure to leave plenty of room to bring home souveniers.
2015-06-18 17.29.06

Up early on Friday morning (probably due to the three hour time difference and the fact that the sun came up at 5), we started early in Corey, our Zipcar, for Tacoma and the parking lot for the shuttle. After an hour in the car and 45 minutes in the bus, we were at the course and ready for an awesome day. While the forecast had predicted some showers, the day cleared right up and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.
2015-06-19 18.31.10

After hitting the gift shop first thing and picking up some coffee, we were on the course. I know that there was a lot of public criticism of the course, and it did look the same in person as it did on TV. The greens were not quite green and it was hard to get close to the players. On most courses, you can get up against the ropes all along the course and see players tee off, hit from the fairway or putt. At this Open, you had to be in a grandstand to see the action. Most of the grandstands had waits to get in them, causing some frustration in the galleries. Chambers Bay was certainly different from the courses we have visited for tournaments in the past, it had a whole different look and feel. It was a beautiful and interesting course and on one hole you could see miraculous chip ins and quad bogeys on the same hole.

One of the pluses of all the fans having to gather together in a few viewing grandstands is that we made a lot of friends. People were cheering together and chatting between groups on the green. This is one of the best parts of going to a golf tournament. Once again, we saw some great play from Jordan Spieth as he was on his way to his second straight major championship.
2015-06-19 18.22.14

We were up equally early on Saturday which was perfect for heading out to the original Starbucks store at the Pike’s Place market. It was amazing to see how different the Starbucks of today are from where they started out. The coffee was the perfect thing to wake us up while we strolled though the market and looked at the flowers and the fresh seafood being set up for the day.
2015-06-20 07.59.57

After a breakfast of salmon benedict, we completed the tourist cycle of the market. Even stopping to buy some salmon that flew through the air on the way to being packed up in a box we can take on the airplane. If you do this, remember that although the boxes are able to keep your seafood fresh for 24-48 hours so you can take it home, they are not allowed through security so they will need to be checked.

We left the market and headed with all the other tourists to Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle. We had bought the Seattle CityPass so we did lots of things in this area. First stop was the EMP museum, they had a lot of great exhibits, but we had gone there to see the Star Wars costumes. They were fascinating, the exhibit focused on how the costumes impacted the films and what they meant to the audience.

After a ride to the top of the Space Needle (gorgeous views, scary elevator ride), we went next door to the Chihuly Glass and Garden. If you are planning on doing more than one activity in Seattle Center, check in at each place in the morning. Your tickets for the Space Needle are timed, and they can book up fast. The Glass and Garden is pricey for the size, but well worth the money, especially if you have never seen Chihuly’s work. The sculptures are beautiful and the ones outdoors in the garden sparkle if you get there on a sunny day like we did.

Now we are back in the heat of the south and anxiously awaiting THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP!

On to where it all began….

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