#4majors15’s last shot…

Here we are, on our last major week of #4majors15. The weather is in the forecast and I am getting ready to plan my packing. The trip to the PGA Championship will be a quick one. So, mostly I will just need outfits for the tournament days and a dinner out. As with most journeys, I am sad that this will be the end of the #4majors15 journey. It has been an amazing experience.


For Saturday, we look to have great weather (especially considering that we are having the typical hot and humid August here in Georgia.) So here is the plan for that day. Comfy jeans, good walking shoes and a sling bag for carrying all of the stuff we could need for the day.



And on Sunday, there is more of a chance for rain for the final day. Adding a rain jacket and umbrella to the standard golf skort and shirt is a surefire way to keep the rain at bay. (Learned that this is true in Scotland!)



And for dinner out, just a quick change of the top into a versatile green layered tank with a cardigan for warmth. Some dressier shoes and I am ready to go.

night out

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