#4majors15- First Bump in the Road!

Thinking I had some time to purchase, I waited until yesterday to purchase my tickets to the US Open at Chambers Bay. Saturday and Sunday were already sold out! I went ahead and bought tickets for friday. We will keep an eye on the secondary market, but it looks like we will only hit one day at the US Open. Which is ok, we are also only hitting one day at The Masters. Maybe we can use what we would have spent on a weekend ticket to get that room we want at The Edgewater! Friday is a good day to have as the field hasn’t been cut yet, so you get to see lots of golf and each pairing will have a variety of golfers in it. We are looking at two days at The Open Championship and the PGA Championship.

To put your mind at ease, I have already registered for the purchase of PGA Championship tickets, we are in group C (hopefully that is high enough! I am also registered and on the notification list for the Open Championship, which we are so excited about after watching the Open at Royal Liverpool this week. Go Rory!

Little Free Library- UPDATES

7/21/14- Starting to look a little thin in the Library. We are going to try and get to the Savers to pick up some childrens books! (also motivation to clean out the basement and drop off some donations)

7/7/14- Stopped by the Target and found some great books in the One Spot section. Great classics that are only $1. Always happy to find great books cheap for the library!

6/9- We are starting to see a few books that have been checked out come back in, so exciting!

5/15/14- We have been a little short on children’s books in the library recently so I went and bought some new ones to add. We have been hoping since we put up the library that the traffic would pick up in the spring but it hasn’t really worked out that way. Hopefully, the new influx of books will bring some new library users!!

4/24/14- I had thought that the activity in the Little Free Library would pick up in the spring, but it has stayed pretty much the same. Books are coming and going and we continue to get a VERY wide variety of books. This week we got a book in another language!

3/24/14- I am adding some new pictures of the Library. And also, we have created some labels to go inside each book that passes through the library. We are hoping that people will leave notes, either in the books on the labels or here on this website. We are wishing to learn more about the people who are using our library! Also, over the weekend, we went to the Friends of the Library Book Sale at the Warwick public library and picked up bags of books for just $1.




3/9/14- We are on the map!! Check out Littlefreelibrary.org and look at the map. We are official.

3/3/14- Our LFL is full up of books for people to borrow. There are all kinds. It has been amazing to watch the kinds of books that have come and gone from the LFL. We are sure looking forward to spring when I can plant some flowers around it and encourage more borrowers and returners! Check the updates below. I am also putting labels in all books with this website so hopefully we can build on online reading community!

2/22/14- Our first book has returned from being checked out. What an exciting milestone! And more books have been added by neighbors. We are going to get another notebook to hopefully get some comments and find out who our librarians are!

2/17/14- More books have shown up! We are excited about that. And I cleaned out my books and have a few to go in the Little Free Library. I am adding some southern authors this time!

2/11/14- We have now had over 25 books checked out of the Little Free Library. We have yet to catch one in the action, even Jazzy, but hopefully soon. Our next goal that we won’t to achieve is for a book to find its way back to the library!

2/5/14- YAY!! A kind neighbor added books to the library! It has been snowing quite a bit so I will have to take some new pictures of the libary with its snow covered roof. But the weather may be keeping library patrons away. We left a blank notebook inside the library in hopes of getting some comments or even book suggestions, unfortunately the notebook was taken. We will try again when the weather warms up!

2/1/14- see below the updates! We did add a notebook for comments from neighbors, but sadly it was taken. We are hoping some books will find their way into our little free library soon!

For Christmas, my parents built by hand a Little Free Library for my front yard! Best Christmas present ever! I was so excited, we had to ship it back to my house and it took a few weeks for the weather to be nice enough to get it up, but it is finally up!!

I will continue to update this post with all of the books that come and go. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and “take one, leave one”, if not, feel free to donate books!

We are also leaving a notebook inside the library for comments!

Title Author
A Dangerous Road by Kris Nelscott- added by neighbor 6/9
A Discovery of Witches Harkness, Deborah original checked out 1/21
A Little Princess- added 7/7
A Painted House by John Grisham added 3/21, checked out 3/27, checked in 6/9
A Killer Stitch by Maggie Sefton added 3/21, checked out 4/24
A Plague of Frogs by William Souder- added by neighbor 7/7
A Separate Country Robert Hicks added 1/25, checked out 2/17
A Wrinkle in Time, Added 3/24, checked out 3/27
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- added 7/7
All but my Life by Gerda Weissman Klein- added by neighbor 3/3, checked out 3/9
All through the Night by Mary Higgins Clark- added by neighbor 6/9
Another Best 250 Muffin Recipes- added 2/22 by neighbor, checked out 3/9
Are you my Mother? original Checked out 1/21
Artful Scribbles by Howard Gardner- added by neighbor 6/9
Aunt Dimity’s Snowbound by Nancy Atherton- added 7/7
Ava the Sunset Fairy added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 2/17
Bach Flower Remedies for Women, Judy Howard- Added by neighbor 2/17, checked out 3/9
Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe- added by neighbor 3/3, checked out 3/21
Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography- Added by neighbor 2/17, checked out 3/3
Birdies Big Girl Shoes added 2/2, checked out 2/17
Bobbie Fayes Kinda, sorta, not really Family Jewels, Toni McGee Causey- added 2/9, checked out 2/17
Boston Jane- added 3/24, checked out 5/23
Brother Bear- added 5/15, checked out 5/23
Brothers and Sisters by Bebe Moore Campbell added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 5/23
Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber added 3/24, checked out 5/23
Cauldron by Larry Bond- added by neighbor 3/3, checked out 3/21
Chile by Jacobe Timerman- added by neighbor 6/9
Classified Micahels, fern added 1/25, checked out 3/21
Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier- added 6/30
Colony by Anne Rivers Siddons- added 3/3, checked out 3/9
Creative Pilgrimage- added by neighbor 4/24, checked out 5/23
Culinary Careers- added by neighbor 2/22, checked out 3/21
Darcie’s First Day added by neighbor 2/2-checked out 2/9
Dark Secret Love by Alison Tyler- Added by neighbor 6/9
Dating Big Bird Zigman, Laura original, checked out 3/3
Dear Hound- Murphy- added by neighbor 4/24, checked out 5/23
Democracy by Michael Frayn- added by neighbor 6/9
Desert Babies- original, checked out 3/3
Down Range- To Iraq and Back- added by Neighbor 5/23
Dyer Consequences Sefton, Maggie added 1/25, checked out 3/9
Eeyore Loses His Tail Again- added 5/15, checked out 5/23
Engines of Desire by Livia Llewellyn- added by neighbor 7/21
Felicity’s Story Collection added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 2/17, checked in 3/3, checked out 3/9, checked in 7/7
Fields of Combat- added by neighbor 5/25, checked out 6/9
Frog on a Log- added 5/15, checked out 6/9
Full of Grace By Dorothea Benton Frank added 3/21, checked out 3/24, Checked in 6/9
Go Dog Go Added 1/26, checked out 2/17
Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe- added by neighbor 5/23, checked out 6/9
Grover’s Bad, Awful Day- added 5/15, checked out 6/9
Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult- added 6/9
Hannah’s List by Debbie Macomber- added 3/24, checked out 5/23
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Rowling, JK added 1/26 Checked out 2/2, checked in 2/22, checked out 3/9, new one added 3/24, checked out 4/24
Holy Bible- added 3/3, checked out 3/9
Hooking Up Wolfe, Tom Checked out 1/25
Hop on Pop- added by 5/15, checked out 5/23
I have lived a thousand Years Jackson, Britton added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 3/9
I Conquer Britain- added 7/21 by neighbor
If I die in a combat zone- added by neighbor 5/23, checked out 6/9
Integrative Nutrition- added by neighbor 4/24, checked out 5/23
I’m a Big Sister added 3/21, checked out 4/24
Isle of Palms by Dorothea Benton Frank added 3/21
Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink by Kim Gruenenfelder- added 7/7
Larry’s Party Carol Shields original- checked out 2/9
Light From Heavan by Jan Karon- added 6/9
Longshot by Dick Francis- added 6/9
Meet me In Venice by Elizabeth Adler added 3/21, checked out 5/23
Mickey Mouse’s Picnic- added 5/15, checked out 5/23
Moon Music by Faye Kellerman- added by neighbor 4/24
Muddy Paws by Sue Bently- added by neighbor 4/24, checked out 5/23
Murder in Havana Truman, Maureen added 1/25 Checked out 1/28
My name is red by Orhan Pamuk- added by neighbor 7/21
Nancy Drew- Mystery of the Tolling Bell original checked out 2/1, checked in 7/7
Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen- added by neighbor 6/9
Out of Mind by Stella Cameron- added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 4/24
Paddington Bear in the Garden Added 1/26 Checked out 2/2
Parlor Games by Marika Bioggio- added 3/3, checked out 3/9
Peachtree Road added 3/21, checked out 6/9
Phsych A Fatal Frame of mind- added by neighbor 4/8, checked out 5/23
Physics for Every Kid original- Checked out 2/9
Pippa La Queen added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 2/9
Plague of Frogs by William Souder- added 7/21
Precious- added by neighbor 6/9
Prep by Curtis Sittenfield- added 6/9
Sail Patterson, James added 1/21, checked out 2/9
Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy- added 6/9
School Principal by Dan Lortie- added by 6/9
Sesame Street School added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 2/17
Shadow Puppets added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 4/24
Shapes original, checked out 3/21
Sharp Edges by Jayne Ann Krentz- added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 4/24
Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon- added 6/30
Snagged Clark, Carol Higgins original, checked out 2/9
Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham- added by neighbor 6/9
Spenceville by Nelson Demille- added 6/9
Still Life with Chickens by Catherin Goldhammer-added by neighbor 5/23
Stone Diaries- added by neighbor 3/3, checked out 3/9
Straight Francis, Dick original, checked out 3/9
Stranger in Paradise by Eileen Goudge- added 7/7
Summer Island by Kristin Hannah- added 6/9
Sweet Valley Twins:Teacher’s Pet- added 6/30
Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice Monroe added 3/21, checked out 5/23
Teacher Man McCourt, Frank added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 3/9
Ten Great Mysteries- added by neighbor 5/23, checked out 6/9
Test of the Twins- added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 4/24
Testimony by Anita Schreve- added by neighbor 6/9
The 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book- added 2/22 by a neighbor, checked out 3/9
The Art of Hearing Heatbeats, Jan-Philipp Sendker- added 2/9, checked out 2/17
The Berenstein Bears go to School added 1/26 Checked out 2/2
The Berenstein Bears Get in a Fight- added 5/15, checked out 5/23
The Best American Sports Writing- added by neighbor 2/22, checked out 3/3, checked in 3/9
The Blond Knight of Germany- added by neighbor 5/23, checked out 6/9
The Bourne Saction by Robert Ludlum- added 6/30
The Bridges of Madison County by Waller- added 6/30
The Call of The Wild- added 3/24, checked out 3/27
The Case that Time Forgot added 3/21
The Christmas Thief by Carol Higgins Clark- added by neighbor 6/9
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Haddon, Mark original checked out 1/21
The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott- added by neighbor 4/8, checked out 4/24
The DaVinci Code- by Dan Brown- added by neighbor 6/9
The Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz- added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 4/24
The Daybreakers by Louis L’Amour- added by neighbor 6/9
The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst- added by neighbor 7/21
The Foot Book added 1/26 Checked out 2/2, new one added 5/15
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova added 3/21, Checked out 4/3
The Host by Stephenie Meyer- added by neighbor 5/23, checked out 6/9
The Hours by Michael Cunningham added 3/21, checked out 3/27
The Industry of Souls by Martin Booth- added by neighbor 6/9
The Legend of Luke- added by neighbor 4/8, checked out 5/23
The Magician’s Nephew added 3/24, checked out 3/27
The Miss America Family by Julianna Baggott- added 6/30
The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes- Added 3/3, checked out 3/9
The Robber Bride Atwood, Margaret original, checked out 2/17
The Royal Ballet School Diaries added by neighbor 2/2- checked out 2/9
The Same Wind original Checked out 1/21
The Secret Garden- added 7/7
The South Beach Diet- added by neighbor 3/27, checked out 4/24
The Story About Ping- added 5/15, checked out 5/23
The Story of a New Zealand River- added by neighbor 7/7
The Story of Noah original checked out 2/1
The Two Gentlemen of Verona Shakespeare, William original Checked out 1/21
The Voyage of Narwhal Barrett, Andrea checked out 1/25
The Wall by Marlen Haushofer- added by neighbor, checked out 6/9, checked in 6/30
The Wind in the Willows- Added 7/7
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz original checked out 2/1
Tickle, Tickle- added 5/15
Toy Story Two added 1/26, checked out 2/17
Treasure Island added 3/24, checked out 4/24
Trollius and Cressida Shakespeare, William original Checked out 2/1
Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber- added 3/21
Uncle Tom’s Cabin Harriette Beecher Stowe added by neighbor 2/2, checked out 3/27
Under the Sea added 2/2, checked out 4/24
Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell added 3/21, checked out 3/27
Vegas Rich by Fern Michaels- added by neighbor 3/27
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy- added by neighbor 4/8, checked out 4/24
Water for Elephants Gruen, Sara original Checked out 1/21
Winnie the Pooh: A Wonderful Wind added 1/26 Checked out 2/2

Once our mapping is processed you will be able to find our Little Free Library on the Little Free Library Map Here They have said that this can take up to 8 weeks, we will keep an eye on it.

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#4Majors15-First Reservation

This trip is challenging all of my considerable planning skills. I consider myself an excellent trip organizer, this is my final exam. I have spent hours organizing points and rewards and changed dates and looked at different airports. And this is how far I have gotten, I have made one reservation for a place to stay…

Well, at least the journey has begun officially. The reservation I have made is for a house in Kettlebridge, Scotland, which is between St. Andrews and Edinburgh, so it will make a great home base for our travels to the tournament and exploring the area. It has a kitchen, which will be great for making breakfast and a picnic of baps, cheese and bubble cake.

I have several apps that I use for all of my travel planning. There are not many that I think are better than just doing your planning online, but the one that I used for this booking and one that I would recommend is Airbnb. It is a great way to find some really unusual lodging, especially if you are unfamiliar with your destination. Often with places booked on Airbnb you have a host that can give you tips, directions and sometimes will even pick you up or cook for you! We are going to have a host in our lodgings that has already given me some transportation information. It was great bargain compared to getting a hotel in the area.

Which is good because I have found a hotel in Seattle that I really want to stay in, but it is not a bargain. We are getting close to having enough points for the room.



My dream is to be Samantha Brown. But obviously Samantha Brown has the monopoly on that and she does it so well. So my new goal is to be the Samantha Brown of sports travel. I love to go places and see things but there is something really special about being there for a sporting event. Everyone who is in town for the event shares a camaraderie. You have automatic friends and people that you have things in common with. And you are all eating at the same restaurants and riding the public transportation rooting for your favorite team or person.

It is on my bucket list to attend all four golf majors in one year.  My own grand slam if you will. On top of that, it has to be a year where the Open Championship is on the Old Course at St. Andrews. I have some Scottish blood and have been to visit St. Andrews and it is so beautiful. Of course, it is also the Home of Golf, so we will be where it all began. This brings us to next year. 2015- 4 majors in one year.

I had a boss that would tell us every day to “Enjoy The Journey”  The Journey starts here and ends at Whistling Straits.

I plan to chronicle the journey here and so start my quest to be the next Samantha Brown.  #notlost (Not all who wander are lost!)

Following is the schedule of the Majors:

The Masters-Augusta National-  Augusta, GA- April 9-12, 2015

US Open- Chambers Bay- Tacoma, WA- June 15-21, 2015

The Open Championship- The Old Course-  St. Andrews, Scotland- July 12-19, 2015

PGA Championship- Whistling Straits- Kohler, WI- August 10-16, 2015

If you live in any of these areas, we would love suggestions on what to do, see and eat off the course.

The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green

This book was an amazing and quick read. You owe it to yourself to read this book. I am not usually into to reading the latest craze, but I thought I would give this one a try. You know going in that this is a book about kids with cancer, so it will be a bit sad. But I think it can be summed up by one of the main characters, Gus, “The world is not a wish granting factory”. Really bad stuff happens in this world, but really great stuff happens too and that is the lesson to be taken from this book. I am not going to become a John Green “Nerdfighter” or anything. In the end, this sad book about kids with cancer ended up being quite uplifting!


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The Hurricane Sisters

By Dorothea Benton Frank

I love reading about the Lowcountry and Frank’s characters are always well written, but this book was a little too much more of the same. It was a nice story and I enjoyed the Sullivan’s Island beach house setting. However, I felt like it was so predictable that there was really no reason to read the whole thing.

In this story, the villains are good for nothing men. Understandably brought on by the author’s discovery of the alarming amount of abused women in the state of South Carolina, I feel the story over simplified the solutions to what is a serious issue.

A good beach read, especially if you are on Sullivan’s Island, there are probably some more interesting books to read this summer.


3 Days in Providence

Since I moved away from my hometown of Marietta, GA, I get visitors from time to time. Mostly, Mom and Dad and sometimes some siblings. I always need to be prepared for a few days tourism with my guests. And it is always fun to be tourist in your own city! So here is a fantastic plan for 3 days in Providence, RI.

Day1 (Friday)- A laid back, get used to the city day. Hop in the car and tour the East Side. Go by Brown University (www.brown.edu) and check out the campus of the school that this year is celebrating its 250th Anniversary. Head on down Hope Street until you get to Wickenden, explore the shops of the Fox Point area ( a very eclectic mix) and choose from a variety of restaurants  for lunch. And if, like me, your guests are coming from the south, just spend the afternoon enjoying the fact that its 75 and the humidity is 0. For dinner, head downtown and get the burger that CNN says is the top burger to eat this year at Harry’s Burger Bar. (http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2014/05/30/best-burgers-2014/)


Day 2(Saturday)- This day was all about Waterfire. Started 20 years ago as a sculpture installation project by a RISD student, Waterfire occurs once a month during the summer months. Hit the Hope Street Famers Market and pick up supplies for a picnic along the river. (http://www.hopestreetmarket.com/) Parking is available in many of the garages near the river. I suggest to get the best parking to head down early, about 2 hours before sunset. You can set up camp anywhere along the river and wait for the ceremony to start. (http://waterfire.org/)


Day 3- An excursion day! Take a trip down Highway 1 to Narragansett. A beach town with a lot of history. The picture below is the Tower, all that remains of the Great Narragansett Pier Casino. Now it is often used for weddings and other events.  Most of the beaches in this area are state parks, so there is a fee for parking and using the beach areas, but they are open to the public so if you like the beach bring a towel and a good book. It can be cool depending on the time of year, so check the weather forecast.


Be sure and take a trip around Point Judith and see the historic lighthouse.  We lucked out on this particular weekend, we got to see the Morgan sail by. The Morgan is a whaling ship built in 1841 recently renovated and made seaworthy in Mystic, Ct. We stopped for lunch at the Hammerhead Grill (http://www.hammerheadgrillri.com/), sat on the deck and watched the ship sail by.


To end the afternoon, we drove over to the fishing village of Galilee and picked up these critters for dinner. Delicious!


My next visitors are spending less than 24 hours here, now that will be a real challenge!


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Spinning Forward

By: Terri Dulong

I must confess I picked this book purely for the fuzzy pink yarn on the cover. It was a great summer read. Not especially deep, the story is of a widow who starts over on Cedar Key, the Florida island where her best friend owns a B&B. There are the usual story lines, new love, a not quite nice daughter, but there is also the intrigue of Sydney, the main character, searching for her birth mother. The characters are likable and the setting is nice. It’s a pleasant beach read, nothing more.


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Mainly Mainely

LobsterDid you know the street that runs through the center of a lot of small towns in Maine is “Maine” street? This is just one of the things that I found adorable in my trip to the Southern Maine coast.

We spent two nights in Kennebunkport. Both in small B&B type hotels. The first night was at The Breakwater Inn and Spa. The rooms left something to be desired. They were large and comfortable, but the furnishing were a bit dated and there wasn’t much special about them. However, the location and the on site restaurant “Stripers” were excellent. Not feeling much like a whole dinner after the drive up and a little bit of exploring, we stopped in and ate at the bar at Stripers. I had a scallop seviche dish that was heavenly. Along with the glass of wine and a warm brownie with salted caramel ice cream, it was the perfect end to the day.

Sunset on the beach near the hotel on Kennebunkport.

Sunset on the beach near the hotel on Kennebunkport.

We spent the second night closer to “town” in the Inn at English Meadows. A more typical B&B, we had a great carriage house room with a sitting area and balcony. Sadly, the bookstore next door was closed forever. The three course breakfast the next day was delicious and we enjoyed the company of our fellow travelers and the innkeeper’s dog.

We got great deals on both of these rooms at Jetsetter.com. Click on the link below to get similar deals.


One of our “Maine” goals was to eat a lobster roll. Asking around, everyone (locals and tourists alike) told us to go to The Clam Shack. So we did and it was a very good lobster roll. There was a pound of lobster on the roll, but it could use more butter and I do prefer a hoagie type roll as opposed to the round one. Still, you can’t beat sitting on a dock eating fresh lobster.

The Clam Shack, from all accounts, the place to get a Lobster Roll.

The Clam Shack, from all accounts, the place to get a Lobster Roll.

...And here it is!

…And here it is!

Just a short trip from Kennbunkport is the city of Portland. We put the top down on the car (which it was probably too cold to do) and drove up the coast to visit. What a great town! There were some great shops and it was easily walkable. We got some Maine souvenirs and I even got a great handmade purse from Just Kim accessories. (Link here to see her work) She had a great shop full of locally made items. I always try to make it a point to shop local when traveling.


Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland

Stopping for lunch, we had thought to do the lobster thing, but most of the lobster places were very touristy looking so we headed to In’Finiti Distillery that we thought would be a good place to take a tour. Not exactly, but it was a fabulous place to eat lunch. We had a wonderful salad of apples, cheddar and prosciutto, a pretzel with IPA spicy mustard and Belgium fries that were to die for. Looking out over lobster traps awaiting boats on a dock it is a must do for the city. (link here to In’Finiti)

View for lunch

If I could do it again, I would spend a whole week in Maine! We didn’t even get up to Acadia!

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